Every year the media carries warnings of severe influenza outbreaks. I wish to suggest athefollowing protocol to be used during the 2011 Flu season.

Influenzinum M, monthly dose before and during the season. Oscillococcinum 200 twice weekly if a definite outbreak in your area (note that this is remedy “O” in my standard homoeoprophylaxis program).

There are a number of Influenzinum remedies available. All will have a level of similarity. Your practitioner can suggest which is most appropriate.

I am often asked why Governments do not avail themselves of this option, especially when there is no proven highly effective vaccine available (some would say for any flu, but certainly for Swine Flu). The answer is simple, and based on economics.

In 2007 the Cuban Government homoeopathically immunized 2,400,000 people against the potentially fatal leptospirosis disease which is endemic in their country, and 2,200,000 people in 2008. Statistical analyses showed that both campaigns proved highly successful. The 2007 campaign cost around $400,000.
This means that the USA could be homoeopathically immunized against Swine Flu for less than $100,000,000. It could be completed within 3-4 weeks of making the executive decision, rather than waiting for months. The USA Government is asking for $2,000,000,000 just to develop a vaccine, and it will be charged a similar amount to deliver it. So if homoeoprophylaxis was used the vaccine industry would loose $3,900,000,000 potential revenue.

On a smaller scale, the similar equation plays out in every developed country.
This is not a conspiracy theory, it is basic economics. But do you know any politicians who will listen?

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