Immunisation Options: A course for parents who care

Outline of Course

As the title says, this course is designed for parents who genuinely care about the health of their children, and who are prepared to take the time to carefully examine health options, and not just rely on being directed by health authorities.

This course faces one of the most difficult of all health decisions that most new parents have to face – how best to protect their child against potentially serious infectious diseases? The reason why it is a difficult decision is firstly because there is no perfect option available, and secondly because there is a considerable amount of misinformation about immunisation options both from orthodox health authorities and from some opponents of vaccination.

This course is not "anti" anything; it is pro-facts, it is pro-informed choice, and it believes that most parents have the intelligence to make sound decisions if they are given reliable and truthful information.

So the objectives of this course are as follows:

  1. To provide balanced, well researched, factual information about infectious diseases and alternative methods of disease prevention (immunisation).
  2. To empower parents to act with confidence in whatever immunisation decision they make.
  3. To provide parents with practical skills to act on the decisions they make.

The course is divided into the following 4 weekly sessions, with a final brief Session 5:

SESSION 1: Introduction - Infectious diseases – should we worry – what are our options?

This session looks whether we need to prevent some or all infectious diseases, based on assessment of their potential seriousness, and what facts are necessary to make an informed decision. Some legal issues are considered.

SESSION 2: The safety of immunisation options.

This session examines evidence supporting the safety of vaccination and homeopathic immunisation, both in the short-term and long-term. In particular, the statement that "the risks of vaccines are less than the risks of the diseases they are designed to prevent" is critically examined, based on evidence.

SESSION 3: The effectiveness of immunisation options – historical trends in infectious diseases.

In this session we examine evidence showing the effectiveness of both vaccination and homeopathic immunisation, including actual disease trends both before and after vaccination programs had commenced. New data supporting the effectiveness of massive homeopathic immunisation interventions in millions of people is shown. This material, and that from Session 3, allows parents to evaluate the risks and benefits of the two immunisation options.

SESSION 4: Use of a long-term program of homeopathic immunisation – full instructions – Q&A. Final observations, and conclusions.

In Session 4, a 6 year homeopathic immunisation program is described, the method of immunisation shown, and frequently asked questions answered. Some practical issues regarding legal matters are raised, as well as advice how to answer people who are critical of parents who do not follow orthodox vaccination recommendations.

A final brief session, Session 5, will wrap up the course with advice of what to do next" if the decision is made to use homeopathic immunisation.

This series of presentations is designed to give parents balanced advice - what they could expect from consultations with an informed and objective practitioner. Parents may make a variety of decisions based on the information contained in this course - and this is its objective - to provide parents with the ability to make a reasonable and balanced decision based on evidence. A caring parent can do no more than this.

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