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Today the wrist watch is a very popular piece of jewelry. The omega fakes is a relatively new invention in the history of horology. Without doubt, pocket watches were the early watches in the horology word-the mechanics assured extremely accurate timekeeping were too a little bit large for anything else. Encrusted with jewels and made of the finest quality materials, the early pocket watches were not easily affordable.

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The first omega-"wristlets"-arrived towards the end of the 19th century, invented by replica watches. They were not initially seen as serious timekeepers, at least not for men. "Real men" carried a chunky gold pocket replica omega were reserved for the ladies.

Things soon changed, helped on by the radid pace of technological innovation. Their acceptance was also helped by the fact they had pratical value to soldiers-they were easier to use than pocket Replica watches under battle conditions. If they were good enough for soldiers then they could no longer be seen as toys for the ladies. Very often these early omega were simply the movements from a small pocket watch squeezed into a different smaller case and given a leather strap.

The first true wrist watch as we know it today is credited to Louis Cartier. In 1907 Cartier met Alberto Santos-Dumont, an aviator. Santos-Dumont needed a watch that was both reliable and convenient to use when flying. Cartier responded with the first true, flat omega-the basis for the now famous "Santos" design.

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As technology continued to improve and prices fall, uptake of the omega spread. However the mechanical watch suffered a major setback during the 1970s with the introduction of quartz.

Quartz technology allowed for reliable replica omega at low prices. Even the "complications" so loved by horologists could usually be reproduced simply by adding a little extra circuitry. A watch became a disposable consumer item. The hublot replica expensive mechanical watch seemed doomed.

Much of the traditional watchmaking industry was devastated, many manufacturers going out of business. Others survived by embracing quartz technology or by trading on their brand name.

Some watchmakers went up-market, and this seems to have been the life saver for the mechanical watch. The traditional watchmakers couldn't compete with quartz in terms of price or even accuracy, so instead they competed in terms of status and luxury. The result is that recent years have seen a resurgence of interest in the quality branded mechanical watch as a high-end product.

So the omega replicas has in a way-if you'll excuse the pun-come full circle. No-one today needs a mechanical watch for accurate timekeeping. Some of the famous luxury models are almost a piece of jewelry first and a timepiece second.

Mechanical watches are one of the most important status symbols. Due to this reason, many people usually buy mechanical watches as luxury accessories to show off their good taste and percipient. Of course, those who deeply love of the art and craft of horology will always buy mechanical watches.