Fun World , wearing a beloved Fake Omega travel
World is so big , and everyone wanted to see . But not everyone has the courage to quit his job and stay away . However, the upcoming May Day holiday , we can still look good out of . Traveling can just see the world , or show your own good time. It is time to cool hanging in your closet fried -day clothes wear out , whether you usually are not technical house, now you can also modify the good yourself, be sure to put that money a long time favorite Fake Omega, over five First, revealing force grid go ~
New Fake Omega with exclusive travel time device , which can display the time in two different time zones , and therefore often need to air travel by the customer favorite. The Fake Omega Design loyal Fake Omega tradition, with wide face local time pointer , large Arabic numerals and a thin seconds with a phosphor coating , even in the dark environment, the still legible. 8:00 and 10 o'clock Screw- button , one -hour increments can quickly and easily adjusted forward or backward hour local time . Squelette hour displays the user's origin ( place of permanent residence ) time . 6:00 position pointer legible date display corresponds to local time. 9:00 and 3:00 positions , respectively, two circular windows display the local time and the time of origin of day / night changes .