Classic Replica Omega introduced this year, five titanium metal watches. Replica Omega lightweight section with white dial , unique on the dial with blue steel hands . Replica Omega 9300 watch equipped with coaxial chronograph movement with titanium bracelet or leather strap. Replica Omega has been rated as synonymous with classic chronograph , the appearance of tough , reliable, classic design style is a big watch industry . It is due to participate , including all six lunar feat numerous times , including space exploration , world-renowned.
Replica Omega blend of titanium and stainless steel manufacturing unique case interesting, bright eye-catching color different from the general strap titanium watch , lively and dynamic movement apart with a little style. This new model is an extension of Clipper Replica Omega series , which is full of symbolism bezel , inspired by the 19th-century sailing ship portholes.
Is a symbol of the King family for Replica Omega , the all- black titanium case make this classic series refreshing. Lightweight titanium in a more direct way to stimulate and reflect RD01SQ type hollow movement , express a momentum transparent watches . Strength, lightness and transparency are the three features of this watch , with a great sense of technology appearance and precise mechanical construction.
When Replica Omega movement because of its unique calibration can be displayed individually , minutes, seconds and equipment, materials and design with a titanium by divers alike. Accuracy and clarity of the divers is critical , they need to clearly see the minute hand go. Aquis the improved model calibration table , with a smaller dial, color elements are simplified , highlighting the minute display . 2 titanium case , adjustable rubber strap with titanium safety clasp , matching waterproof watch box , containing titanium bracelet and replace tool .