Omega watch styles over the years along with the Bond film 007 through fire, watch hidden in a different secret weapon, always become the focus of attention of fans, consumers tend to buy the specified paragraph 007 wear the watch, Replica Omega SeaMaster Blue 007 watch is to watch the series has been the best-selling Omega Seamaster watch.

This Replica Omega SeaMaster Blue 007 watch with special Omega coaxial escapement 8507 automatic winding movement, the movement by the rotation pattern grind, rhodium treated and embossed with the Geneva ripple round, power reserve up to 48 hours . Omega coaxial escapement device may be dedicated to vertical escapement friction between wheel and escapement fork is almost reduced to zero, to solve the problem of lubrication, so the movement to extend the life time and guarantee accurate. Also with Omega free sprung-balance system that avoids interference effects balance wheel and spring contact pointers against shock, adjust the time for the device to enhance the accuracy of watches. Omega coaxial escapement movement with a free sprung-balance system to ensure that the watch for a long time after use, can still maintain a high degree of precision and stability, achieve long without maintenance.

Replica Omega SeaMaster Blue 007 Watch

ID: Replica Omega SeaMaster Blue 007 Watch
Movement Type: Automatic mechanical 8507
Power reserve: 60 hours
Diameter: 41.5 mm
Housing material: stainless steel
Wrist disc surface color: dark blue
Watches Mirror Material: arc-shaped double-sided anti-reflective abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal
STarp material: stainless steel
STarp Color: Silver
Back through: Back through
Water resistance: 150 meters

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